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Kill Your Memory

by Heaven For Real

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Subliminal 03:24
see the world, big enough to live in if I stop writing off my heart, I know I need it SUBLIMINAL where's the other set of headphones? am I running up the endzone? take it back or take it forward I wanna know how to make strokes say the word, I'll free up a minute if you'll try running up my heart and the side of my head is weak I know the temple's sensitive auto-soothing is not enough for my rest to contend with where's the other set of headphones? am I writing off the endzone? take it back or take it forward I wanna know
picked up the paper glass, grip folds your drink in half after you clean that you're back, trapped in the ruse you've got a patient talking tone, are you sizing up the room? there's Kyle - he was your best friend you knew he'd be here again hello high school lover-flame bad news, there's nothing there here's an ancient photograph you signed it when you didn't care all of those pieces they might impersonate me I know you're different maybe better than the mystery I've seen it before and I see it all the time every day and each night there's so much you change and grow apparently but my own mind won't not that I would make waves, while living under changing things KYM KYM a|ongside the building waiting like we would've at a show I've seen a glare popping out from behind your mind where I wish I was staying not fair to mention No I was leaving on my way out and as they say now i will phone you later phone you later, I won't no I'm open to your contact though call you later I won't you've grown and changed apparently but my own sight won't not that I would make waves start living under changing things kill your memory
no one knows her like seconds before the grave absolute search for parties that come close I dunno how I'm doing myself so well when I can't tell what losing is like so give it up anytime, anytime is right write it off line by line to decide anytime is a little too light and from the hallway is light through the door I invent my way, like it was nothing at all for sure I cannot say that it was nothing I would escape by the basement window but I am worried for other days no one knows hurt like seconds before the blade absolute search for parties that come close I dunno how I'm doing myself so well When I can't tell what leaving is like
plain blue powder white in the right hue my famous attraction is home again once you, weighing in with the fighting chance addictives uniting nothing open, way to be the garden, frozen by the concrete path a crack-addled master planner set out for only the uncertain I tame myself constant with hurried walking I keep taking known steps in directions unknown to me can't quietly complain safely I spotted the new race lying on the beach I felt delay to get home the last day left I hope it wears away a pattern under bare surface that I couldn't hit at habit speed - slower than I once believed, the furrowed moments take over months to soften when hard internalized lessons rear their heads I skate the mid-thawed perimeter rim instead out so only an uncertain movement could cost it scared to break through trying the walking in with known steps in directions unknown to me I can't silently compare blatantly I guarded the new race from dying on the beach I felt delayed to get home
did you watch the thinning frost collected on the lamp you'd tossed slowly vanish from it's surface just as it's purpose had disappeared for you in the bright light? could you finally feel the room melting also and slowly too maybe settling beside you the clearly unoccupied visitor on vacation it's so much trouble the way that some things can dissolve but when you stand through me I'm beside myself like you talk to me I'm high by the sound I'm beside myself
Hotel #55 03:11
I learn what to say after my mind is made up and adding through getting carried away towards a distant place I use the nervous pace too, too bad, I changed to competing what's in the way of me saying when you're clever? nevermind the reason honestly no reason needed.. bend don't break that easily be more raw that even treats me well I'm in love with your prototype wait ten seconds, I won't be and I felt like sleeping in a hotel and found another one out in the cold themselves who held another one up on the tile-packed ground and kept their talking part down while I ducked in stealth and made a run at the wall and the book lined shelves I flicked the lobby light off like I knocked myself out What's in the way? nothing you're free to say things that matter it's okay
I'm Sick 02:16
I'm sick I'm sick of being sorry, it's always such a boring thing to be I'm sick
I saw the dry rice bulge on the etiquette line, praised needs taken I felt the humourless human-bot bomb through the doorway, then make it seem like no one listened to their finer progressions, made in small instalments cute, almost like the modern mable does it, automatic lean to check the baby crying, voltage matching your current position not enough people were watching me burn through every choice I made now I keep attention by serving up-and-coming polls to friends who like debating everything and I press my morning button-down now to de-crease it stand by the window seat with me but don't follow my lead I'm heading into nature but not totally more like shirking city thoughts while waiting on the bus I got a job, it keeps me concerned that I'll work too hard and I'll lose the nerve you wanna learn man, that'd be a wrong turn torn litter-paper wrestles the bin but that's where it belongs the place that it is in, so stop it scan down my outfit, closing the door smooth operator of the working force (plain news heaves from the traffic-warm sides of the route I'm taking and something told me to beam at the girl close to the subway staircase entrance instead of distancing her and all the people I'm watching them while they're turning into the daily dust same as most did before us could this way be a thing I trust, never knowing where it came from?)
Allan 01:58
heaven for real
Hard Done By 03:09
a calm night with all bad weather the young beginner has had it better the leap that takes you forward has become a crawl now a strike, a fade, amazing how the glow, the daze it all burns out that picture on the shelf yes it was a real time but now no longer seems real to me hard done by, by the edge of the bank I greet myself with the silent treatment old but remembered I know at least mine won't be dimming out of line easy the blank it echoed, and went like thunder or warm vibrato turned into summer it wasn't what we made but in the empty night it was all we talk about
Misfire 02:51
I felt akin to a guardian the sides of every sentiment have to be protected you see with love to my falling friends, I need to turn attention on me hating indifference, not to seem different maybe it's the distance I need I slide low in my seat and look towards a seasonal freeze everyone's talking at the conference of bright light waiting while debating which old method is right I decide it's wrong when you name it like the song you can't force a fire to light I give up (I sit close to your heating pad, this comfort makes it be better, it's quite something, life with such comforts, simple defences, it's so fair to make use of the modern tools and I love to keep up with the times when it serves me right) fire don't just stand next to it


LP/Cassette available via Mint Records.


released July 15, 2016


all rights reserved



Heaven For Real Halifax, Nova Scotia

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live band pic by
Bea Scharf-Pierzchala


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